Poet and Quants says Goizueta is one to watch

GBS2Poet & Quants recently published a comparison of the overall rank and peer rank for the top 20 business schools, using the U.S. News and World Report’s ranking.

In the article, Poet & Quants highlights Emory University’s Goizueta Business School as “a school to watch,” noting the school’s jump up the rankings nine positions to number 18 and the “highest placement rate and biggest increase in reported salary of any business school in 2012.”

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The Inside Scoop from Inside Goizueta

Alumni of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School know the value of the Goizueta experience and network first hand. A true testament of the quality of students Goizueta attracts was evident in the school’s recent recruiting event, Inside Goizueta, a three day opportunity for perspective Full-Time MBA students to engage in and experience what makes Goizueta stand apart. Distinguished alumni attending the event spoke candidly to participants, through personal stories exemplifying the unique culture found at Goizueta. During an alumni panel, graduates of the program emphasized the impact of their time spent at Goizueta on their current and future success not only in business but in life.

Anthony Phillips 06MBA, Global Brand Marketer at The Coca-Cola Company, related to perspectives by recounting how daunting it felt to be in their shoes years earlier. He spoke about feeling “small,” despite having achieved so much at the time he initiated his search for the right place to further his education and goals. “This is a place where you can achieve that dream,” he encouraged the perspectives, stating that attending Goizueta provides the “opportunity to take your life to another level.”

At Goizueta, experience goes beyond the classroom. A dedication to excellent academics is matched with a strong desire to create an atmosphere of quality interactions between students, faculty, administrators, and alumni. “This is like my second family. This place is real … from Admissions to the Program Office, community is real at this place,” said Daniel Graham 10MBA, Senior Product Marketing Manager at AT&T. Graham spoke about the impact of the community on his success in the program, during and after he encountered a family emergency and thought at one point that he would not be able to complete the program.

LaShonda Fuselier, CPA, CFA, 06MBA, Vice President – Corporate Banking Associate Relationship Manger at Wells Fargo Bank, also emphasized the wiliness of Goizueta to help individuals achieve an experience that resonates throughout their professional careers. She credits Goizueta’s Career Management Center (CMC) for assisting her in securing a position before she left for a semester abroad in France during the fall semester of her second year.  “Goizueta has so many programs for people with international interests … They will help you find a program anywhere,” emphasized Fuselier, who focused on Finance and was able to not only study abroad but complete an internship in her host country as well.

Career switcher Coleman Oglesbee, 05MBA, Director of Business Intelligence at Comcast, and One-Year MBA Program graduate Ericka Estrada, CPA, 11MBA,  Finance and Performance Management Consultant at Accenture both expounded on Goizueta providing access to valuable resources such as working closely with the CMC and networking with alumni of the program. Estrada joked about meeting with more alumni than she could list, but stated that “taking advantage of what the CMC offers outside of courses was almost as helpful as the courses themselves.” Likewise, Oglesbee not only stressed being able to reach out to a number of alums, but he also stated that “Alumni are so willing to give back.”   

Each year at Inside Goizueta, a distinguished alumnus serves as the keynote speaker. This year, Kirsten Suarez, 08MBA, Clearblue Delivery Brand Manager at P&G performed the honors and spoke to perspective students about the benefits of choosing Goizueta. “Employers are looking for more than a person with an MBA. Here I learned about the importance of a personal brand, image and exposure,” noted Suarez. She went on to identify what she called “key drivers” in her success as the lessons she learned while participating on teams and the Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consultancy. She also credited Goizueta with affording her the ability to feel “extremely comfortable presenting in front of leadership.”

In concluding her speech, Suarez encouraged the perspective students to choose wisely. Reflecting on her decision to attend Goizueta she stated with confidence “, I was impressed with the world-class faulty but also the quality of people.”


View the 2012 Full-Time MBA Employment Report to learn more about how students at Goizueta benefit from working with the Career Management Center.

Prospective Students Welcome to Super Saturday

Super Saturdays give prospective students the opportunity to take an in depth look at the Goizueta Business School community and experience- in the span of just a few hours.

The first of three such events will take place Saturday September 29 between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m..  A wide variety of activities -hosted by MBA Admissions, the MBA Program Office, the Career Management Center, and current student leaders- will be offered including information sessions, panels, class simulations, question and answer forums, and school tours.

For those who want to make a full weekend of the experience, a social will take place the night before from 8:30 to 10:00 p.m.. There prospective students can gain personal perspective by talking candidly and casually about the Full-Time MBA with current Goizueta students.

Admissions interviews will be open during the event, however, will be by invitation only during the later Super Saturdays scheduled to take place on December 1 and January 12.

“Super Saturday is an optimal time to visit as you get to meet all major constituents of Goizueta,” says Associate Director of MBA Admissions Heather Holland.  “You can network with current students and alumni, hear about the Full-Time Program structure and highlights from our Associate Dean Brian Mitchell, and witness the caliber of instruction during a faculty-led class simulation.  Prospective students certainly walk away from the event with a new perspective and have a real sense of the value of a Goizueta MBA.”

We are looking forward to a great event!


Keystone Week Ends with Goal Writing Tradition

Students welcomed the school year by formally setting goals for themselves, participating in a letter-to-self exercise on the final evening of Keystone Week.  After writing down their objectives, the MBA Class of 2013 put their sealed envelopes into a Keystone shaped vault to be opened at reunions in five years.  Until then, the time capsule will be put on display in the business school along with the others from previous classes.

“It is important exercise not only in terms of its symbolism, but it is also a pragmatic exercise because writing down goals is important,” says Full-Time MBA Dean Brian Mitchell.  “It is a shift in the mindset of a student.  It helps them think not just about what classes to take this semester or even strategy for completing business school, but think about what type of life they want to have and what this is all building towards in terms of the bigger picture.”

Click below to see the whole interview with Full-Time MBA Dean Brian Mitchell.

The students appreciated the activity as many expressed it to be thought provoking and enlightening in terms of their personal awareness and aims.

“I think the most important part about writing that letter was reminding myself to take enough risks, so in five years when I look back I will not regret not taking a chance,” says 2013 MBA student Matt Essex. “It will make me hold myself to a higher standard and set some lofty goals, particularly on the professional side.  I think that most people found it easier now entering the second year of the program to write our personal goals, but that would not have been so true a year ago when just entering Goizueta. We were so consumed with professional goals, we hadn’t given ourselves the time to think about personal goals.”

2013 MBA student Chris Fellows echoed those sentiments saying, “This school does a great job of facilitating us to couch our goals with both professional and personal context, so I wrote about both. Wish me luck!”

Good luck to Chris, Matt and the rest of the MBA Class of 2013!



First Day of Keystone Ends with Clap-In and Coke Toast

On Monday evening of Keystone Week, the MBA Class of 2014 filed outside to the Jenkin’s Courtyard for what they thought was just a networking barbecue.  Immediately they were greeted by surprise as their second-year classmates stood above on the balcony applauding and cheering a warm welcome to the Goizueta family.

Dating back to the fall of 1997 when Goizueta underwent monumental change with the new building and revised curriculum, the Clap-In tradition serves to bolster community spirit and engagement by formally merging the returning second year students with their new first year colleagues.  The custom also works to remind second-year students of how far they have come, and excite first-year students about the journey ahead.

“We have such a strong sense of family here and we have this tradition of students paying it forward,” says Professor Patrick Noonan, the original mastermind behind the tradition. “They come to a great community, they are welcomed, they are helped, and then they turn around and do it for the class after them to keep that legacy of spirit and community going.  The Clap-In really embodies that pay-it-forward spirit that is essential not only to the Goizueta experience, but also to the real world of business.”

In the early years of the Clap-In, second-year students would remain silent and serious until all first-year students made their way into the courtyard before erupting into applause at the signal of their class president.  Over the years, however, the tradition has evolved into instant clapping and cheers while the students walk out.

Despite that shift, first-year MBA student Brian Bland recalls “I was quite convinced that we were going to be hazed!”

“It becomes a ruckus ceremony.  It is applauding, and whistling, and shouting, and it is just a real fun celebration.  We are literally applauding you for your decision to come to Goizueta and welcoming you into our family,” says Full-Time MBA Program Dean Brian Mitchell.

Following the excitement of the Clap-In came the Annual Coke Toast as scheduled.  First-years and second-years alike raised their bottles while 2013 MBA class Vice-President Amanda Goodman toasted to the start of a new academic year.

During her speech she offered three pieces of advice.  Her first encouraged her fellow classmates to think about their future insisting that only when they are confident about the direction of their life, will they be able to “pass around the Goizueta legacy and show the world how great you are.”

Goodman’s second recommendation was simply to learn.  She motivated her peers to “think outside the box” by forgetting about what they think they are supposed to do, but to instead try classes that they have never taken before.

Her final and most important words of guidance were with regard to the Goizeuta community. “Meet the people who are standing next to you.  These are going to be not only the future leaders, but also best friends for the rest of your life. I challenge all of you and myself to come to everything, to say yes all year to going to academic events, social events, sporting events, speeches, lectures, anything.  We can only make this community as great as it is if we all come together.  So with that please raise your Coca Cola.  Here is to a great year and for a future as being apart of the Goizueta family!”