On a Millionaire List… By Age 25

Sean Belnick started BizChair.com in 2001 and quickly grew the business into a big money maker. PHOTO: Goizueta Magazine

Sean Belnick may be a recent graduate of the Goizueta BBA program but he’s no stranger to the world of high-revenue business ventures.

He made his first $1 million by age 16.

Belnick, who was previously featured in Goizueta Magazine for his entrepreneurial spirit, was included on a high-profile list of young executives on Yahoo Finance this week. He founded BizChair.com almost 10 years ago.

Others featured include Mark Zuckerberg — the co-founder of Facebook — and Michael Dell, who founded Dell Computers while at the University of Texas.

“It is never too early to start,” Belnick said. “I started when I was 14.There was a lot of great information on the Internet. Just do the research and find a way to do what you want to do.”

Last winter Belnick’s company, according to Goizueta Magazine, was “a $37 million dollar business” he operated from a dorm room. Inspired by his stepfather’s office furniture business, he started the business with $500 and a website in 2001.

It has grown to employ 90 people and take up a 327,000 square feet of space in Canton. He said classes at Goizueta helped him “think about things in a more operational way and consider the implications of decisions made from the top.”


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